Welcome to the hottest little music town in Indiana! 

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Madison Mayor Bob Courtney

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Our Mission 

We are Madison Music Movement or M3, and we're here to make Madison better. A better place to live, better place to visit, and a better place to do business. Music can to that. 

The ultimate goal:  

Promote prosperity and positive growth in the city of Madison, Indiana.

The strategy:  

Enhance the already excellent quality of life in our community by focusing on one of our unique strengths, our blossoming identity as a great music town.

The Brand: 

Elevate Madison as “Indiana’s Music City”.

Venues! Festivals! Events! Fun! 

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What we offer

Whether you are a musician, a venue owner, an event organizer, or a live music fan, the Madison Music Movement is here to make things happen for you. 

Live music fans:  

We want music fans to know what's going on, when and where, so they can get the most out of Madison's rich musical culture. 


If you live in Madison, having our town become Indiana's Music City will improve our quality of life, strengthen our economy, and help ensure our future success 


We want to advise venues regarding challenges like BMI/ASCAP licensing fees, liquor licenses or other hurdles that might keep live music from flourishing.


We aim to facilitate the infrastructure artists want and need to create and thrive. These might include, a musician’s hostel, a creative collaboration space, a professional sound recording studio, and even health insurance discounts  

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